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Tax Deferral of Tax Return 2021, Prague, Czech Republic

Tax deferral of tax return for year 2020 in 2021 in Czech Republic, Prague

Do you need more time to prepare your income tax return? Or extra 3 months to pay your taxes?

Take extra time to arrange a tax return with tax deferral

You may have several reasons to get a tax deferral. And believe that you are not alone who uses it regularly. One of the most frequent reasons for our tax deferrals is the lack of time for processing and submitting a proper tax return. Perhaps you too need more time to make your accounting legible, you have been able to make order in it, have completed some necessary documents and thus avoided sanctions. You are in real danger if your accountancy will not be the tax return in a state that requires official financial institutions. Another good reason why to get a simple tax deferral is the amount of tax you did not even count on this year. Even in this case, the extra month will be the only advantage for you. Thanks to the delay, you can pay taxes on time and without penalties.

As a result, there is no need to address what leads you to a simple tax deferral. We will help you to postpone tax return in Czech Republic (Prague) with our tax deferral, and you will have further follow-up steps.

Realizing the tax deferral of a tax return is quite simple

It just wants to make a few necessities. We'll help with these, whether you're a physical or legal person – Czech Company. Mediation of the simple tax deferral will cost you a one-time fee of CZK 1,800 for natural persons of the entrepreneur or CZK 2,800 for companies. If you're wondering how long it will take to make a tax deferment and if you can still get it, then you can stay calm. We will arrange it within 15 minutes. Yes you are actually reading correctly. There is no need to worry about absurdly long waiting and to worry about doubts. We offer this opportunity to all our clients from the Czech Republic. You can visit us in Prague, 7 days a week or we can process your tax deferral via email and phone. It is easy and fast. 

To postpone the tax return, come at any time

We offer you a huge advantage, you can come true at any time. We work all 7 days a week. We do not have Saturdays and Sundays for us. So you are not unnecessarily limited by time. And because simplicity and availability are our credentials, we will allow you to pay the already mentioned one-time fee in several ways. You can pay in cash, using a credit card, via online banking, or through an invoice. We want to offer all our clients, as all our clients, all possible options to give the opportunity to deal with the tax return to everyone.

What all the tax returns offer you

Its main advantage, which plays a key role for all clients, is to gain time. More specifically, you get an additional three months. And this is a time period that can work effectively. The standard date for tax submission is set at the end of March. By tax deferral, this date is shifting to the end of June. This gives you the real opportunity to solve everything you need to make tax returns correctly, timely and on time to pay taxes.

Do not waste time and make tax deferral

If you are even worried about whether you can make a proper tax return in time, that is, by the end of March, it is good to take advantage of the chances that you have literally the extra hand. Stop worrying with the March deadline, which is unceasingly close, and enjoy the comfort that the simple tax deferral offers. In the next three months, you can conveniently and efficiently resolve any discrepancies in your accounts, contact professionals to help you get things right, and last but not least, put aside the necessary funding to pay your tax.
Over the long period of our rich practice, we have been witnessing many times how the tax deferral has greatly helped our clients to avoid many sanctions and to enable them to solve everything without the enormous stress of dealing with other complications. Take advantage of our unrivaled time availability and a very low one-time fee. Believe it is not that simpler.


Czech Company Tax Deferal price

Price: 2.800 CZK + VAT 21%


Czech Private Entrepreneur Tax Deferral price

Price: 1.800 CZK + VAT 21%


We have 7 days a week open for you. Payments can be made online, PayPal, bank transfer or credit card. You can contact us via email of phone 7 days a week. More contacts here >>

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